2012-03-28 MEETING in ITALY

The entire group counted about 30 people from 7 different countries: Croatia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Hungary, Turkey, Poland and Italy. After a ceremonial welcome students joined the Italian students during their lessons, while the teachers worked on the project. In the afternoon theyvisited Correggio with a guide. On the second day of the trip all participants left early in the morning to visit the Tosca Emiliana National Park. The Park is situated in the northern part of the Italian Apennines. Before the hike they listened to the lecture about different projects, that were carried out in the National Park. After the exhausting climb they went back to Correggio for supper in the school canteen. On Saturday a group of students from each country gave a presentation about plants growing in the national parks of their own countries. These presentations were the focus of the project.