National Parks - CROATIA ZAGREB

  Privatna jezično-informatička gimnazija „Svijet“

Adress and contact number:
Maksimirska 88, Zagreb, CROATIA
tel: 01/487-3957

The school web page:

The school email:

Number of students and teachers:

75 students, 22 teachers

Languages: English, German and Italian

Extra curricular activities of students :

  1. Drama

  2. Comenius groups: English, IT and Biology

  3. Web team - work on our web page

Link to  National Park:

About school:

Our school is a private school founded 9 years ago. The school is located in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. The school has a 4-year programme in 2 courses: grammar and general. Our students take numerous field trips throughout Croatia which help them meet different parts of our beautiful country along with Croatian rich culture and history. Also, we travel to foreign countries, and that enhances our students' knowledge of foreign languages and allows them to meet new cultures and people.

A number of our students have learning disabilities, like dyslexia and dysgraphia, and our programme offers them an individual approach, which is very productive.

Information technology is something we give special attention to and offer our students various additional subjects like applied IT, programming etc. The school offers tutorials with teachers as mentors after classes where students can learn more about desired topics, they can improve their knowledge, revise for tests and participate in many activities.