This year our school has joined to this celebration. We have had an exhibition’’ The national parks of Europe’’. The first floor has been decorated with animals and plants which grow in the national parks of our Comenius partners . The guests of our school can join to trip cross the avenue of animals, insects, plants, bushes and trees. During English lessons students did projects, made posters and enjoyed traveling to countries of our Comenius partners. They presented their posters to all school’s community. Now it is exhibition of the posters in the second floor. Students participated in the photo competition ’’Europe in my class’’. On the first floor it has been shown all photos from Comenius meetings in Poland, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Turkey.

This year 65 schools in Lithuania from all cities, towns and villages made more than 100 competitions, celebrations, exhibitions for showing the results, benefit and having more experience with the help of Comenius projects. It is the great opportunity to be on of this 65 schools in Lithuania!

The coordinator of Comenius project MinolÄ? PetronytÄ? Kairiene and English teacher Inga SubaĨienÄ?