Teacher impressions

First of all I will never forget people I have met in this project. I made new friends I got so many good impressions and wisdom from all of them. I will never forget you Magda, Dubravka, Nigar, Petra, Gabrijela, Gokcen, Ruzica, Ivona, Ali, Hrvoje, Ilya,Evelina, Guliano, Fabricio, Laci, Jersy and other. I will never forget this wonderful time with you.I will never forget wonderful talks about everything we talked. Zagreb is in my heart forever. Plitvice is the most amazing place I have been before! Dubravka,Gabriela and Petra many thanks for the most delicious food I have ever tried. J??rate, Minole, Ramute thank you for the best company I have ever had. All in all, I had got a lot of experience in organising trips, meeting new people and participating in Comenius projects. Thank you my dear friends.

Inga SubaĨienÄ?, English teacher of PanevÄ???ys‘‘ VerdenÄ?‘‘ basic school

It was impressive to see Croatia, Zagreb, Risnjak National Park, Plitvica National Park, Selce, Medvedica and other worderful places. It was impossible without three wonderful ladies from Croatia Dubravka, Gabrijela and Petra.They took care about us all the time, they wanted that we knew,try a lot of new things. Many thanks to them what we saw not only two wonderful National parks in Croatia, but we climbed a mount of Medvenica, visite Medvegrad, we went sightseeing in Zagreb, we tried delicious sorts of food: the deer, veal, frog legs, beef, duck. Every time we tried different kind of dessert Strudel. The biggest impact of this meeting was the people I met, their kindness, cheerfulness, splendor.
I am very happy about participating in this Comenius project‘‘National parks of Europe 2011-2013‘‘, so I would like to say many thanks to Magdalena, the general coordinator of this project for opportunity of our school PavevÄ???ys ‚‘VerdenÄ?‘‘ basic school to be one of members in this project. I would like to thank MinolÄ?, the coordinatior of Lithuanian group for opportunity to visit Croatia! I am very appreciate of being together with you!
                                                 J??ratÄ? PauliukienÄ?, the headmistress of PanevÄ???ys‘‘ VerdenÄ?‘‘ basic school

Siiting in Luton airport and waiting for connecting flight to VilniusI starte to remember my week in Croatia. Our team started journey in 12th of May on Sunday from PanevÄ???ys by car. The trip was long, we travelled 22 hours by car, plane, van, tram, bus. Dubravka and Gabrijela met us in Zagreb.It was seen they waited for so much. They are very kind girls and cared about us all the time. Many thanks for them and other people who were in this meeting. I had opportunity to improve my listening and speaking skills in English.All we we have opportunity to communicate and visit wonderful places: Zagre, Rinsjak, Plitvica, Medvenica mountain, Medvegrad and Selce.
I would like to say many thanks to Zagreb team‘s teachers, all group teachers, for headmistress J??ratÄ?, for Inga , our team students- RugilÄ?,Orestas, AistÄ? and especially for coordinator MinolÄ?. I am very happy I had opportunity to be involved to this project.

                                                         RamutÄ? PagojienÄ?, the teacher of PanevÄ???ys‘‘ VerdenÄ?‘‘ basic school

We were very excited before the Zagerb meeting, we knew that this would be the final occasion to meet our new Comenius friends…
Gabi and Dubravka did an excellent job. The organization was perfect. The programme was really rich indeed, but in the meantime we also had time for having a rest. We saw really beautiful places such as Risnjak and Plitvice lakes, we tasted very delicious traditional Croatian food, in addition, we had a chance to walk on the seaside. I was fond of Zagreb very much; it’s big but not croweded full of many parks, places for entertainment, historical buildings and smiling people.
Gabi controlled everything, except the weather, of course, and she also could enjoy the whole week together with us.
Thank you, Gabi, thank you Zagreb. And thank you all our new Comenius friends. I hope we’ll see all of you sometime…., somewhere…