Student impressions

The Comenius Project: National Parks of Europe is something I will never forget. The last meeting which took place in Zagreb, Croatia (13-19 May 2013) was amazing. I have spent an adventorous week in the company of students from different parts of Europe. We made friends, got to know each other, our cultures and habits, learnt a piece of another languages, laughed and had a lot of fun while surrounded by breath-taking landcapes and national parks and lively city of Zagreb. The plan was really tense, and, thanks to that we have managed to see so many beautiful places and got to know the capital of Croatia, which suprised us with its hospitality and kindness. For sure it was an unforgetable experience I will never forget. I hope I will manage to keep in touch with all my new foreign friends!!!

Kamila from Poland

I‘m RugilÄ?. I was in Croatia with this project on the 13th of May till the 19th of MaySome of my friens told me about impressions in Turkey, Croatia, Bulgaria.
On the first day we were in Croatian school, in the Parlament,in the museums of Broken reliationship and went sightseeing in the old town of Zagreb. I really liked Zagreb.This is a big city, a magnificient capital of Croatia with a lot of amazing places. Kamila from Poland,AistÄ? from my team and I lived in the hostel.Elena was responsible for looking after us. The second day was impressive with visit to Medvenica, Medvegrad, Miroslavec path. There were wonderful palces to go sightseeing.The third day we visited Risnjak National park and Selce town by the sea. We had opportunity to see the sea.The fourth day was amazing of visiting Plitvica National park.I think it is the most wonderful place in the world.I have never seen such wonderfull waterfalls.The biggest is 78 meters og height. It was amazing.
On Saturday Lithuanian teachers, AistÄ? and I went to Botanical garden, we visited Zagreb old town as well. We met our new friends from projects, we spent time together.
During this project I met some new friends, I got experience of travelling and I saw amazing country.


                                                            RugilÄ? Dobrodziej??tÄ?, 8A form, of PanevÄ???ys‘‘ VerdenÄ?‘‘ basic school

I‘m AistÄ?. I am 15 years old. I am from Lithuania. It was my first time I was travelling by plane. I am not very keen on travelling, but travelling to Zagreb was different. I was very happy to be in this green and beautiful city. I met new friends Elena, Kamila, Karlo, Nike, Afrodite. Elena was very friendly with us. She helped us and was friendly all the time. Many thanks to her. On Friday we travelled to Plitvica, we saw the most beautiful places. It was beautiful. I liked everything waterfalls, mountains and lakes. I will never forget all students, teachers and this wonderful trip.


                                                                AistÄ? Staseviči??tÄ?, 8A form, of PanevÄ???ys‘‘ VerdenÄ?‘‘ basic school

During the meeting of Comenius Project I went to Croatia.I lived at Philip‘s family all week. They were really nice to me and I would never forget that. I have made some new friends: Philip, Feel, Bruno. We had a lot of fun and I hope we stay friends forever and we meet one day again.
It was nice to participate there. The first day was a meeting of Zagreb day. The second we went to Medvenica mountain, We had a tour to Medvegrad and then a douwnhill walk. Even though the castle was reconstructed it still looked really old and gave a good impression. I likes Plitvice as well. It gave me a great impression because I have never seen a waterfall on my own. The fifth day was amazing of spending time together with new friens, we had fun in Zagreb.
All in all, I have met a lot of new good people and have had a lot of good impressions. I wish I could participate in another Comenius project.

                                                                    Orestas Ä?erka, 8A form, of PanevÄ???ys‘‘ VerdenÄ?‘‘ basic school

Zagreb is a very beautiful city. When we met our hosts for the first time, we were very shy. But in the last days we became family members. We made a lot of friendships. We saw amazing national parks. Plitvice lakes were especially wonderful. This was a perfect end of the Comenius project of national parks.

Hungarian Students

It was really great.I had amazing family exchangeIi saw very beautyful places.I have never forgotten this project. My new family was really lovelyIi felt like at my home.I saw a really big national park. The Pletvickie lakes was amazing.This project had for me very good experience.

Ewa Dery??o (Poland)